Mass Effect

From Omega With Love...

The Asari Lucara hired the PCs to take her to Omega. As part payment she promised a connection on a Terminus system world run by the Blood Pack would be able to fit their ship with stealth technology. Lucara seemed rather odd and kept herself mostly in her cabin out of everyone’s way. Despite learning she was being hunted by an Asari Justicar they took the job, with Matthew Herder’s soft side coming through – his cop instincts just didn’t register her as trouble.

The merc meeting went sour fast and they shot their way out without any stealth gear just in time to evade the Justicar’s ship. Some deft piloting by Rosalina saw them hide in the moon’s shadow until they felt it safe to hear to the Relay and on to Omega.

Omega turned out to be a lot of fun. Lucara at first simply left with a small sum offered that barely covered their costs. The Justicar arrived and Aria’s people popped by for a visit at the docks. The Justicar informed they Lucara was a murderer, Aria simply wanted her off the station and the PCs decided to track down Lucara independently, which involved a rather down and out part of Omega and a small ‘altercation’ with two Vorcha who saw wisdom after Damien Clark demonstrated his shooting skills and got her somewhere safe, namely a very out of the way ‘monastery’ for Asari with Lucara’s condition on Kallini, a very much out of the way Asari world that took time to reach.

Leaving empty handed, as Damien Clark repeatedly reminded them, they headed back to the sanity and relative safety of the Citadel and were pleasantly surprised to find the overseer of the Kallini monastery had sent a small sum of credits by way of thanks for bringing Lucara to them.

Of course, this left the small matter of having directly opposed an Asari justicar on their heads…which, like their rather direct anti-Cerberus stance will probably have future consequences…



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